Mechanical and composite design engineering

Over the years we’ve worked upon many varied high-level design, manufacturing and project management assignments for an eclectic range of industries. In doing so we’ve gained vast experience, in working with a wide range of different materials. This includes our extensive work with composites, as you can read about elsewhere on the site.

It also, as you will see below, includes working with Metallics, in which we can deliver high levels of quality, design work and skills to give you the highest level of performance at the cutting edge of the industry.

Whatever the project, working with Leggero Forte ensures that you have an engineering partner who’ll deliver attention to detail, providing professional and innovative engineering techniques in order to deliver a solution that fits your specification and beyond.

Our Metallic Expertise:


Our experience in this field enables us to have a sound grasp on the different metallic materials available, be they ferrous or non-ferrous metals, so that we can ensure the correct type is applied to meet the demands of the project from durability, stability through the machining process and suitability according to budget.

Machining – Milling & Turning

At Leggero Forte we believe strongly that through taking meticulous attention at the design stage will save you money further down the line. We have vast experience of modern machining techniques for both prototype and batch level production. However our experience isn’t limited to the latest and greatest machine, and CAD CAM software. Where possible, and with bed size allowing we can design component/ tool specifically to suit equipment that you have in house. We believe that it is important to understand the manufacturing process before you can produce cost effective component or tooling designs.

3D Printing (Metal Additive Manufacture)

Metal additive manufacture is a powerful tool that is becoming more and more common place as the technology grows and the costs reduce. However it isn’t a miracle cure or the end of traditional methods. The process allows us as designers to produce forms that would be very difficult to produce with traditional methods, such as hollow forms etc. Our experience with this new technology in materials such as steels, aluminum and titanium have allowed us to design extremely lightweight components. Using a similar mindset to that of composite design we can add strength to specific areas of the part while keeping the overall weight to a minimum. In addition we have had success with integrating the printed parts with traditional machined or composite parts by using the most useful elements of each process to complement each other as a hybrid.

Welding & Fabrication

At Leggero Forte we don’t want to be limited by a single process and instead wish to use as many techniques as available to provide a suitable solution. This includes the use of welded structures from stock materials. This is often in combination with machining to retain accuracy. We have experience of different welding techniques and use them where most suitable and in combination with the material choice. The materials can vary from mild steel to Cr Mo, martensitic stainless materials and of course the more exotic Titanium’s and Inconel materials.

Fabrication Machining

This is a process we would generally use when working with more durable metals with a higher tolerance and would be usually carried out in conjunction with other machined components.

Assembly and Tolerances

Understanding the stability of the materials and achievable tolerances of their respective manufacturing process we are using is important when it comes to new designs. This will play a vital part in dictating the most suitable material and process for the job at hand. This is vital where assemblies are concerned.


At Leggero Forte we have gained experience of metal treatments and their longevity in a number of differing environments. This in combination with working with a diverse range of metals we know which type of protection and coating is needed given the material, its tolerance and the environment into which it will be exposed.

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