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Jaguar F-TYPE R Tour de France Support Vehicle

From Concept to Reality Working for and with MCT engineering Leggero Forte has recently undertaken the tooling design and project management of the tooling and metallic components for Sky’s unique Jaguar F TYPE R coupe bike rack for this years’ time trial in the Tour de France. Jaguar Land Rover’s design and styling team had […]

Composites Take Flight

Composites are playing a larger and larger role in aircraft. At Boeing they have gone from a tiny proportion of the planes’ bodies in the late 1960s to half the materials used in their construction today. So what are the benefits and what are the challenges that this offers? Breaking Through Design Barriers The key to […]

Composites and 3-D Printing – A Challenge to the Industry

3D printing, which thirty years ago seemed as distant a dream as deep space travel, has now arrived. Not only is it here but it is moving forward at an incredible rate, with a multi-material colour printer recently launched and a carbon fibre printer now on its way. This offers great opportunities for those working […]

Composites Opportunities and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone

China is a market of huge interest to all sorts of businesses. With its large economy it provides the opportunity to export to a growing group of consumers. It’s a customer base that is eager for manufactured goods, whether for individual consumers or to cater to China’s own growing industrial base, and this provides a […]

Composite Tooling Goes Environmental

Environmental protection may not be the first thing you think of when you talk about composite tooling, but the two are deeply intertwined. Technological attempts to reduce our impact on the environment rely on good materials and precision tooling, making composites a large part of the solution to environmental problems. And now environmental research is […]